Inside Tetra Pak®

We only use light glass, to reduce the use of carbon. Otherwise, we use the Tetra Pak®, the most efficient and ecologic pack. Now a must.

Green paper and plastic

1L brick is made up of 86% raw materials from renewable sources, including FSC® certified paper and plastic derived from sugar cane. The Bonsucro-certified plant-based plastic in this pack supports our efforts to increase the use of plastics made from renewable raw materials in a sustainable way.

certificazione fsc

New plant-based cap

The iconic cap of Tavernello’s brick is a warranty of freshness, reducing the environmental impact, because it is made from plastic of vegetable origin derived from sugar cane and remains linked to the pack, so it is not throw out in the environment.

nuvola bianca
nuvola bianca

We travel light

The pack is delivered in less weight (only 3% of the entire product) and less space, for a better efficiency in transportation.

Recyclable pack

Never waste wine. Neither the pack, recycled for 1 million tons a year, through 160 structures all over the world.

Carbon footprint

So the environment thanks us for Tetra Pak®. For the climate impact, higher energetic efficiency of the structures, and for the taste, which is preserved.

nuvola bianca

Reduced CO2 emissions

The environment thanks us for Tetra Pak®. For the impact on the climate, for the higher energy efficiency of the systems, for the taste that remains preserved.