The planet is our business

We’ve made a pact with Nature: to give back to the Earth what the land gives us every day.
Harvests taught us to cultivate the values that mean the most to us: supporting the region, respecting people, caring for the environment.

Sustainable by three

Three ways to be sustainable:

Because our financial statements reflect our solidity and allow us to plan for long-term projects.

Because the effects of our commitment create positive reverberations throughout the industry and the community surrounding it.

Because our “from vineyard to vineyard” model provides great benefits for the territory.

Everything comes back

We always start from a deep conviction:
no part of the grape should be thrown away.
After pressing the grape for the winemaking process,
we give new life to pomace, grape seeds, mowings and stalks. We reinsert them into the cycle, turning them into renewable energy to light
our facilities and natural fertilisers to nourish our vineyards.

That’s why we call our model Circular Economy. This way, nothing is wasted, everything comes back.

Circular economy

It’s not only good in its taste, but also for the planet. 

Our production model focuses on retrieving the by-products to produce renewable energy, and to reduce water consumption and emissions.

Our SDGs.

We take on our responsibility, so we have a strategy. Caviro Group is strongly committed to achieve the objectives outlined by ONU in the 2030 Agenda for the sustainable development of our planet. Here are ours 7 Sustainable Development Goals:

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Sustainability is not fashion.

We do it for real. We believe in it. Our philosophy and actions has led us today to have obtained important certifications such as Equalitas and SA8000, to prepare a certified Sustainability Report annually and to receive awards such as Index Future Respect or Impresa Ambiente Award.