Tavernello is on Spotify!

[We are what we listen to]

Every special moment, memory and above all birthday party comes with its own soundtrack. To celebrate the years, Tavernello has created 3 music playlists on Spotify, for different moods.

How do you feel: more Classic, more Sparkling, or more Gold?

If we say “classic”, you might be thinking of Bach, Mozart or Beethoven, right? Well, no. Classic, in the sense of a classic. An evergreen. Stuff that you put on shuffle, and don’t skip a single one. We promise.

A sparkling, effervescent playlist. There’s also the one that makes you… come on, you know… the one sung by, the one that goes… Just press play and sing along to them all.

We see you putting it on shuffle and then skipping them all until the one you really like comes along. And you just listen to that one on repeat, right? You ever think about all those songs you skip? Look, even songs have feelings. Come on, listen to them all! They’ll soon have you going for GOLD.

Around the world, Spotify has over 500 million active users. If you’re one of them, click below to listen: